Hankook Z222

The Ventus R-S3 is an Extreme Performance Summer tire developed for serious sports car, sports coupe and performance sedan enthusiasts looking for race tire-like traction on the street or for use in autocross, drifting or track events. Ventus R-S3 was developed using the same design, technology and compound used to build Hankook’s winning Ventus Z214 racing tire. The result is a tire that provides improved road contact surface area and extreme dry grip.

Hankook Z221

Hankook Ventus TD Z221 will be available in 3 different compounds from C3,C5, and C7 in sizes from 15inch to 18. Preliminary tests in Japan prove this to be the fastest and quickest tire in it’s class.

C3 – recommended for dry hot weather, abrasive surfaces with ground temp over 35 Celsius
C5 – recommended for dry weather surface with ground temp between 20 to 35Celsius
C7 – recommended for cool weather, smooth surface with ground temp under 20 Celsius
C9 – recommended for dry weather surface with ground temp from 10 to 30 Celsius, suggested for time attack teams and maximum performance

Excellent stability(even) under limited driving condition. Stable harmony of braking,
traction, and control. Applied racing(compound) technology to compound. Secured
optimum wet grip(quality) from highly dispersed silica.(DOT Approved, E-marked)

Hankook Z214

Symmetrically-designed, semi-slick tyre with two longitudinal tread grooves for outstanding performance on the circuit in dry or damp conditions (DOT-approved);

C51 – Medium
C71 – Soft
C91 – Very Soft

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