May Update

May is here and the year is certainly flying along , happy mothers day to all the mums out there .

May finds us at Gary,s a little quiet on the race meeting front but busy with getting a lot of stock in and finding a place to put it , our first meeting was the Rally out at Oberon which was a little quiet , and we have the Orange Rally coming up on the 21st , we will have a truck out there for this Rally so get any orders in you might need .

This brings us to the last weekend in May where we have to spread ourselves out a bit thin due to a few events on the same weekend , we will be down at Phillip Island for the Shannon’s round looking after the Production cars again and its always an interesting time down there , and i guess it will be a little cool as well this time of year

Over the same weekend we will have our Dunlop truck at Eastern Creek looking after NSWPTCC on the Hankook tyre again a good field should be in attendance and a good weekend of racing will be had by all .

This brings an end to May , please be aware that over the weekend of the 26th to the 29th we will NOT be open on the 27th and closing early on the 26th , this is due to getting trucks to the track and also getting down to Phillip Island , if anyone needs to check times please ring us and we will confirm with you direct .


















April Update

The beginning of April saw us spread thin across the great land , with Gary in Tasmania and Darrell and Peter in Sandown over the 1/2/3 , and after a big finish to March it was a very busy time for us all .

The second state round and SMP on the 8/9/10 was a little bit quieter for us and went off well although there was very few competitors over the weekend  .

Then we were off down to Phillip Island again for the F4 on the 15/16/17 and to round out the month we head out to the Amsag Rally at Oberon , this being the first Rally this year , so see you all out there .

March Update

March is apon us and the year is getting busier , with the First State Round at Wakefiled done now , this month brings an unusual time for us with the 6hr at Bathurst .

Due to the 6 HR we will be extremely busy and away from the workshop for an extended period of time even extending in to April , all the details follow .

As we need to pack all the equipment and machines we will NOT be able to fit any tyres on Monday the 21st , and we leave for Bathurst on the Tuesday morning meaning we are closed from the Tuesday to the following Tuesday , then we are only open on that Tuesday as we all have to go to Vic for other Race Meetings on Wens the 30th  and wont be back again until sometime on the Monday the 4th April .

So we are closed from the 22nd March to the 28th , Open the 29th ,, closed again from the 30th March to the 5th April .

Sorry for any inconvenience but Im afraid we just dont have the staff to cover all the events etc and stay open,  we will be able to be contacted by phone on our normal number 02 96768655 .

Thank you .

February Update

Happy new year to all , another year started with the 12 hr at Bathurst and it was a great event to be at as always , however we now find another popular event apon us , the Wakefield 300 running over the 19/20/21 Feb .

We will be there all weekend and will be able to introduce our newest member of the Gary’s Motorsport Tyres Team , yes we have a new staff member we have taken on Darrell previously from Gordon Leven ,  he will be familiar to many people already and comes to us with a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm.

So look out for him and he will be happy to look after you all , and welcome to Darrell .

The Wakefied 300 has a good field this year and seems to be getting bigger which is great , if you wish us to have any tyres down there for you i suggest you order them soon .

At this point in time we do not look like servicing the Historic s at Wakefield the following weekend , however this could change so please ring and check just in case , we have very little to offer in to this category now and it is not possible to cover costs of an away event im sorry for any inconvenience .

This rounds out February and as we all know the 6hr next month is huge for us , so please get any orders in ASAP.

Have a great month drive safe and see you all track side .

December Update

December sees the end to racing for us with Homebush done , the F4 Category has been on the V8 Calendar this year and it was great going out there as we have not worked at Homebush for many years .

With Xmas approaching fast it is time now for us to catch up on some truck maintenance etc in prep for the next season which is looking big for us next year .

We will be closing on the 18th and open again on the 18th Jan ready for the first round in Feb at Bathurst,  the start to a busy year for us again , so until then from all of us at Gary’s Motorsport Tyre’s we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year .

We will see you all again next year for an exciting 2016 , and may Santa be kind to you all .

November Update

Rounding the year out very quickly sees us this month at the Shannon’s Round over the weekend of 13/14/15 , with 3 catagory’s running for us this is going to be a busy weekend , and lets hope the weather is better then .

Following this weekend is the F4 Round down at Phillip Island on the 21/22/23 , looking forward to another exciting race at the Island and the second last round for F4 for the year , the last being at Homebush in Dec .

The last weekend of the month brings a Historic Round at SMP on the 27/28/29 , we are not sure as yet if we will be servicing this event please check closer to the weekend .

Due to the above meetings we will not be open on the Fridays of the meetings , however we will be at the track if needed , and may be able to look after you there .

So be safe and good racing .

October Update

With the year running down fast we have a fast finish as well , the Shannon’s round at Wakefiled Park followed by a very busy weekend with Gary off to the Gold Coast 600 for F4 , and myself at Eastern creek for the 6th State Round and there is a good field of cars for this one .

Gary leaves for the coast on the 21st  Wednesday early morning so he will be gone for a few days , back Monday the 26th sometime in the arvo , so a long few days up in sunny surfers for them .

While i will be at the creek from Friday the 23rd to Sunday the 25th looking after all state competitors .

This is the last event for this month and leads into another month with plenty on , so we will update for you then .

Be safe see you at the track.

September Update

Another flying start to September again with the Muscle Car Masters at SMP , and as always it was well attended and an ever popular event , a shame the weather could not have been a little nicer for fathers day but that’s life right .

Moving along this month sees us very busy and away a period of time , we are off for the V8 Round at Sandown for the F4 on the 9th and after that we have a test day at Phillip Island the following week , this being said it is MOST IMPORTANT  to let you all know that we shall be CLOSED from the 10th through to the 15th , we are sorry for any inconvenience but this is unavoidable im afraid .

We will be back and ready to go for the State round over the weekend of 26/27 at SMP and look forward to seeing you all there , this rounds out the month of Sept for us and we hope you all have good racing and safe travels to get there .

AGAIN PLEASE NOTE WE ARE CLOSED BETWEEN THE 10TH & 15TH SEPT , Open on the 16th again Thank you …Phill

July Update

The year is flying past and things are getting busy for us with the launch of the F4 Category at Townsville V8s over the weekend of 10/11/12 , Gary is on his way up there stopping for a test day at Morgan Park on the way ( just to make life easy )  then its full steam ahead to Townsville , a long drive to say the least .

Over this same weekend Peter will be servicing the Batemans Bay Rally , and looking like a good field of cars are ready for this one , a shame it wont be as warm down there as it will be in Townsville .

Then we have a little break until the 31/ on to 1/2 August , another trip up to QLD for the F4 , this time at Queensland Raceway , again on the same weekend stretching our resouses is the NSW State round at Eastern Creek , so another busy weekend for us all .

However with this event it rounds out the month and leads into another busy one , the following dates this month we will NOT be open due to race events are Friday 10th and 31st

June Update

The year is flying by and the events keep rolling around , this month brings us the Sydney Retro Speedfest over the weekend of 5/6/7 , this will be a quiet event for us and please take note …we are only going to be there on the Friday & Saturday , we will not be servicing the Sunday .

Following this we head off to Wakefiled Park for the 3rd State Round , on the 19/20/21 , we have a heavy involvement in this round and will be busy , so get your tyre orders in early please .

With 3 categories running for us this weekend will fly by , lets hope the weather is kind to us all .

So see you all at the track and safe racing to you all .

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